Kalbarri, summer 1985. I remember being stuck in the car for hours and hours, driving down long empty stretches of road, waiting for the ocean to come into sight. Dad kept saying 'just over this hill' we would gasp and lean forward and there would only be more road with another hill. I remember the mix tapes we listened to, the long bright hot days, the sting of chlorine, pelicans, trampolines, mini golf and the tacky souvenir stores we would visit. 
I desperately wanted a pet rabbit, this was as close as I could get.


  1. Beautiful drawing. I remember a Kalbarri holiday, swims in the soft water of the gorge, fish and chips, trampolines + mini golf, impossibly orange earth, the rainbow jungle parrot sanctuary and sleeping in a weird log cabin at a caravan park.

  2. Alison used to work with this guy whose parents owned the rainbow jungle!
    We share memories Tess. I propose a road trip next time.

  3. Wow! Small world, I can't imagine anyone I would rather share an Australian road trip with donnalittchen.